On good design and skipping hearts.

While I love the beauty of my Apple products as much as you do, it’s encouraging to note – very encouraging – that there are many companies in the world that produce products equally as beautiful in form and function. I’m going to start showcasing my own personal favorites every now and then, starting with this Fuji FinePix X100 camera. I saw an ad for it in this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. My heart skipped a beat.
Fuji x100 front

On the beautiful design of this camera; an excerpt from this site:

The detailed, high-quality design of the X100 was inspired by the classic beauty and feel of traditional film cameras. The top cover of the upper control deck and the bottom surface have been die-cast from magnesium alloy (semi-solid metal casting), contributing to a high-precision camera body. All dials and rings are precision milled from metal, and the traditional ‘manual’ dials let the user confirm the position of the settings without turning on the power. Design ergonomics offer the perfect balance between compact convenience and user-friendly functionality, featuring a chassis finished with high-quality leather-like accents.

The camera controls have been carefully thought out to give the photographer simple and speedy access to aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation and ISO, allowing maximum creative expression with minimum hassle. The custom modes can also be used for a one-touch change in settings.

Every design tells a story. Every design has a story. I want to know the stories behind the design.

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