I’m Callie Neylan, a designer, photographer, and writer. I was born in Aspen, Colorado before movie stars discovered it, and have since lived in three distinct regions of the US: the Rocky Mountain southwest, the Pacific Northwest, and the Mid-Atlantic. Each place left its own distinct, indelible mark: I am the collective product of all these places. I live in Seattle, a city I love and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I have worked at various startups, software companies, and design firms in Seattle and, while on the East Coast, as a senior interaction designer at NPR, where I worked with amazing people and designed award-winning products. I am now a senior software designer at Microsoft, where I work on the Excel product team, creating data visualization and visual analytics tools.

I have a wonderful husband, a handsome son, a beautiful daughter, and two spirited, affectionate Weimaraners. Oh, and Capucine. I have Capucine.

I’m passionate about these things: design, aesthetics, technology, espresso, gastronomy, architecture, dogs, fashion, photography, bikes, literature, cinema, the great outdoors, and cities. O, how I love cities! Especially the ones I have met personally: Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Denver, New Orleans, DC, Baltimore, Dublin, Paris, Aix-en-Provence, and Rome.

I also co-own Bellflower Chocolate Company.

This blog is not a design blog or a dog blog or a photography blog or a foodie blog. It’s a passion blog: I write about the people, places, and things that I love.

neylano [at] me [dot] com / @neylano / +neylano

Updated June 2017